Tattoo collector from Norway

Tattoos from Norway

Get Inspired 23 agosto 2017

In tattooing my biggest inspirations are Marius Meyer from Norway, Tim Lehi and Timothy Hoyer from America. They are all tattooing in a loose style, that is going straight to my heart. They can also paint and draw in multiple styles. I get the right feeling when I look at their stuff. It’s just perfect to me. I also think the loose kind of style is aging much better in the skin. It’s more dynamic and real.

Thomas: tradition on the skin

Your Story 10 luglio 2017

Thomas has a thing for tattoos, and this is quite clear! I interviewed this German guy for I am Not a Tattoo Blog to talk about dedication, tattoo picks and important lessons learned thanks to tattoo art.

Ilaria Pozzi and Claudia Cosentino on I am Not a Tattoo Blog

Claudia Cosentino and Ilaria Pozzi: feels and views

Get Inspired 26 giugno 2017

Claudia Cosentino, Ilaria Pozzi and I wanted to create something different together, and I am so glad I had this original opportunity. I have always loved Claudia’s photoshoots and I already knew Ilaria from a previous interview we did.
The idea behind this article was to go deeper than usual and show a new perspective of what seems ‘unilateral’ to the most of us.

Freddy Corbin interview by Ilaria Pauletti and Justin

An interview with Freddy Corbin

@americanatattoos 17 maggio 2017

It’s been a while since my last collaboration with Justin, but look what we have in store for you…
Freddy Corbin is one of our favourite people, and I hope that by reading this interview you can understand why! Justin from @americanatattoos and I have interviewed Freddy, Mr. Nice Guy, talking about tattoos, hip hop culture, nowadays society and again..tattoos.

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