Alexandra Louise is a 21 year old girl from Melbourne, Australia. She has great taste in tattoos, as you will see, and her own concept of beauty is all about loving yourself..from the inside out!
She is not only a qualified make up artist (this is her YouTube channel) and an amazing tattoo lover: she is above all a beautiful human.

What first drew you to tattoo art?
I can’t even properly name anything that heavily influenced my decisions on getting tattooed. I never woke up one day and decided that I wanted to be completely covered. It definitely just happened. Generally the only thing that draws me into tattooing is the artist and what they produce. Today, I would like to be almost fully covered by the end of this year.

Tell me about your first tattoo and your last tattoo project with Emily.
I got my first tattoo at a small average tattoo studio and then the second one soon after at someone’s house. Those are two things I would never do again. My first one was some script on my thigh and besides its very special meaning and importance, I can vividly recall the strain I put on my mother’s hand as he tattooed me. It meant a lot that she was there and supported all of my decisions (even to this day).
I have two ongoing works with Emily Rose Murray at the moment which should both hopefully be finished very soon. My back/bum piece and my right arm sleeve. I cherish every session I am able to have with Emily as she is one of the only artists I can put complete and unconditional trust into and always be over the moon with the outcome. I am so lucky that she is on my side of the planet, in my state, an hour away.

Make Up artist Alexandra Louise talks about her tattoos and her lifestyle

Which artists did you get tattooed by?
I have been tattooed by many artists. Starting with my legs and working upwards, there is; Jacob Gardener (QLD), Sam Clark (QLD), Dan Molloy (UK), Sophia Baughan (NSW), Dale Winter (QLD), Brendan Boz (SA), Scott Harrison (NSW), Scott Phillips (WA), Eathan Langford (VIC), Tan Van Den Broek (VIC), Nat Gvcci (VIC), Emily Rose Murray (VIC) and last but most certainly not least Jake Danielson (VIC). I also just recently got a small tattoo from Japan as well. I hope I didn’t forget anyone!

You are a great tattoo collector but you also love make up art, as we can see from your Instagram. What is your own concept of beauty?
Makeup is another creative outlet in my life. As a fully qualified makeup artist and hair stylist, I have worked in the beauty industry. I always used to have this warped view of beauty where you HAD to wear a mask of makeup to be beautiful, wanted. But since not being in the industry it’s really become clearer to me that it doesn’t matter how much makeup you can layer on your face, if you don’t feel happy inside, it shows on the outside. I’ve been blessed with fantastic skin so I generally only groom my eyebrows, put a little mascara on, apply some highlighter (and possibly some statement lips) and I’m ready to go.

For me, that is what makes me feel beautiful. Beauty is on the inside. It’s important to remember that.

Tattoos and make up art with Alexandra Louise

You are very young and you have great taste in tattoos. Not everyone has it. What would you say to your contemporaries?
Having a lot of tattoos as a young woman, sometimes I encounter some sour opinions. Thankfully, I have a great family and boyfriend whom supports all of my decisions and that’s all that matters to me. I do get asked a lot how much I have spent on my tattoos by strangers that I’m serving in my retail job. Generally when I encounter this I politely ask them how much money they’ve spent on their car and house and whether they consider it a valuable and important investment. This usually makes them think twice about any negativity towards that side of things.

I think people just need to remember that we (heavily tattooed individuals) are human, just like they are and should not be treated with any less respect, courtesy and acceptance that they would treat their own loved ones with.

What’s it like to be in a relationship with a tattoo artist? Did he help you with your tattoo choices?
I met Jake at 16, just at the beginning of his tattooing apprenticeship. I have been there from the start and there is nothing more inspiring than watching him flourish everyday. He is the most hard working and humble person I have ever met and although most days he makes me feel lazy (because he does so much and has become so great at such a young age), he is absolutely creative and is always subconsciously pushing me to do my best. We have been on our tattooing journey together- getting tattooed all around Australia and sharing the experience (and pain) together. Being in a committed and serious relationship with a tattooer has made me have SUCH an appreciation for all of the work that goes into the process. The intense bookings, the tireless nights drawing and the scrunching papers of unhappy sketches in the bin, the constant referencing and inspiration seeking, the back and muscle pain of being hunched and stretched in weird positions for the 5, 7 sometimes 8 hours of constant tattooing all day and of course, the dedication and selflessness of tattooing. We share the same taste in tattooing and therefore share works and artists with each other. I love how he is always honest and tells me exactly what he thinks, artistically. Without him, and all of the friendships we have made with all of our tattooists, I would have nowhere near the amount of impressive artwork tattooed. Jake is my inspiration.

Alexandra Louise tattoo collection

Did tattoos enhance the love for your body?
Yes, I feel that they did. I started getting tattooed at a stage where your mind can very easily be warped by outside influences, negatively about your body. I was a baby. Thankfully, I just went with what I felt best and natural and kept on getting tattooed. I am inlove with my body and what I wear.

What do you think about nowadays tattoo society, compared to the whole tattoo history?
I think the tattooing society has grown positively. The community is so nice to be apart of and it’s fantastic to see alot of females making their mark as tattooers or those being tattooed. I like being a small part of paying tribute yet re-shaping society’s views of tattoos. The tattooing society will only continue to grow stronger and larger and that is so exciting as it is something Jake and I take very seriously and will enjoy passing onto our children to learn about.


Photo Credits: Taylor Darling@atlanticlungs

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