Viviana, based in Milan – Italy, brings us her own experience with tattoo art. The first time she dreamed about getting one, the first time she decided to get that one, and many other thoughts I think we all can rely to. I am very happy to have her in my blog as she is a very delicate person. Enjoy!

My name is Vivian. I am a simple person but perhaps not that easy. I also would say moody at the right point.
Mother of two girls of 2 and 5 years and a half.
Lover of fantasy and mystery stories, better if involving vampires and settled in that old Victorian England.
Clerk by day, compulsive knitter after 9.30 p.m., when I pick up wool and needles and with Stefano, my husband, we consume TV series.
The first infatuation with tattoo art dates back to high school.

The idea that you could identify a symbol, a way to be different but also to recognize yourself equal to others.

But it was just an infatuation, an intense but superfcial attraction. In 1994, at 18, I did not know who I was and what I really wanted.
As the years passed by, my tattoo idea came back, changed, matured.

My first tattoo:
In 2009, with awareness of me and with so many ideas about the future, I approached on tiptoe to my first tattoo: the cherry blossoms made by Giorgio “Gun” at Pure Morning Vigevano.
I remember very well that big excitement while I was waiting my turn and Stefano was getting his carp tattooed by Giorgio, along with the water and the cherry blossoms.
The clean lines and those solid colors were becoming the table of an artist. The waiting and then finally my moment.

And then, just after the tattoo session, the real awareness: it was love and I knew that was the first piece of my soul to rise to the surface.

Viviana and her creativity - an interview by Ilaria Pauletti
Two hearts for her two daughters, by Amanda Toy

When Amanda Toy and I first met:
The heart tattoo dedicated to Naomi, my big girl, permitted me to know Amanda Toy, a person with a big heart.
I had always thought of something traditional but with a sweet twist.
Later I explored the imagination of Amanda, who celebrates love with her creations; she also did the heart dedicated to Viola, my youngest daughter.

My daughters have learned a few words indicating the designs on Mom and Dad’s skin.

Noemi sometimes draws tattooed characters and watch with me photos of tattoos on Instagram, Viola is fascinated by the designs and colors.

Amanda is an artist that I love, and seeing for the firts time the design she had prepared for my personal “creativity” was a strong emotion. It’s a tattoo dedicated to my passion: knitting. But there’s more.
This tattoo represents a lot to me, it is precisely creativity, created with love in the broadest sense (not only wool accessories!); it depicts my moments, the ones where I grow apart in a world in which hot green tea never runs out and the cat I love is always close to me; the moments when it’s just me and I am able to recharge myself, coming back with a smile to my being mother, life partner, daughter, friend.

Tattoo collector Viviana on I am Not a Tattoo Blog
Mandala by Jondix, done while at Milan Tattoo Convention

The collection goes on…

I was lucky enough to ‘get lost’ in a Jondix mandala that I can always admire on the mirror, tattooed on my back. That was the occasion I also joined for the first time a tattoo convention (the one in Milan, very close to where I live). It was the first time I got tattooed by a tattoo artist who was not Italian. I think Jondix is a person that transmits a positive sense of tranquility and he was able to put me at ease right away.

I also have a small pet tattooed on me, like any “witch” worthy of respect: the cat made with incredible care by Riccardo Martinelli (The Lord and The Lion, Fidenza). This also was made during a tattoo convention.

And here we are at my mandala, reminiscent of the lotus flower that the good and tough Diamante Murru has recently imprinted on my skin.

Viviana Tattoos by Jondix and Diamante Murru
Mandala flower by Diamante Murru and a lovely cat by Riccardo Martinelli

The tattoo ritual, as I have mentioned before, is a moment of exchange, connection. You rely on a person and you donate him a part of your skin, putting into account that cathartic pain will shape what was the initial idea. I think there has to be mutual respect.
I also think that sometimes there is a certain superficiality in the approach to tattooing: trying to distort the style of a tattoo artist requiring to copy styles distant from his imaginary is a bad idea.

Thinking the tattoo artist should do only what the customer wants is really a long way from how I live my tattooing approach.

But I believe there is more openness towards tattooed people because. Despite the fact that not everyone can love to have a permanent design on the skin, many appreciate the design itself, the artistic side.

When tattoos express your inner self and passion - knitting hobby
‘Knit girl and Tea Lover’ by Amanda Toy

Among the younger generation of tattoo artists I see with admiration a strong female presence and the Italian land is really full of talent!
There are so many artists I love, I cannot name them all but I hope to get tattooed by Lucrezia U, Yle Vinil, Deno, Matthew Houston, Matt Black, Nouvelle Rita, Hugo, Anna Neudecker…and again by Amanda Toy. It’s amazing how we can discover new inspirations every day!
An advice I would give is to enjoy the wait; you cannot always get an appointment whenever you want or in less than a few months, but if you have found the right tattooist, it’s gonna be worth to wait!

Viviana and her tattoo collection - I am Not a Tattoo Blog
Viviana’s first freehand tattoo, by Massimo Gurnari – The Backyard Electric Tattoo in Milan

My husband Stefano and I are looking forward to April because we chose to celebrate our 40 years with a tattoo by Deno, who will be in Italy in occasion of Tattoo Expo in Bologna.
And in my agenda there is also another tattoo with Amanda, at the end of June 🙂

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10 marzo 2016

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