Last January, I met Ylenia Vinil Manzoni while she was guesting at Adrenalink Tattoo Shop in Marghera.
I immediately knew I had to ask her to join my Upside Down project. Well, at the time I still did not know how I would have named it, but that idea was already buzzing in my head.
She welcomed my proposal with enthusiasm, she appreciated my thoughts about tattoo art and I am glad she said yes. This is the outcome of that lovely encounter.

After so much indecision, I have finally chosen the piece I want to talk about!

All the tattoos I carry on my skin have a meaning, more or less personal, more or less important.
Indelible memories of people close to me, historical figures, or simple and funny souvenirs in memory of trips or special moments of my life.

I have never hidden my “retro” soul. You know, I listen mostly to 60’s music and the songwriting craft is definitely what I prefer.
I am crazy for the music of Luigi Tenco, enigmatic and melancholy character, but I think he wasn’t like that in all of his aspects. When I try (very rarely) to put his music in the tattoo studio, there is invariably someone who complains, who describes his music as too “sad”.

Luigi Tenco tattoo on Ylenia Manzoni, Italian tattoo artist
Luigi Tenco was an Italian singer and songwriter. After his alleged suicide, he became an icon of love and despair.

One day he got asked, during an interview, why he always wrote sad and depressing things.
His response was: “Well, because when I am happy I go out”!
Well, it is precisely for this reason that I love so much his work.

Because I feel the same with my drawings (my “free” ones, outside of work and tattoos).

This tattoo portraying precisely Luigi was made by Francesco Garbuggino, one of my favorite tattoo artists. I chose him for the realization of this piece because it is from Genoa, just as the artistic singer-songwriter movement which Tenco was part of: the Genoese school of Italian songwriting.

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29 luglio 2016

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