Last year I interviewed Claudia Ottaviani, aka Cloditta, and a couple of months ago I finally met her in person…also to get tattooed!
Her bright eyes and her positive attitude really made me feel at ease. Her stories of travels and tattoos intrigued me and I really admire this woman for the dedication and love she has for life.
It was a lovely afternoon and I walked out of Area Industriale – Brescia (where she is now a resident artist) with a swollen ankle and a big smile on my face.
It was so refreshing listening to her thoughts about tattoo art. We do need lively women like Claudia in this crazy world!
This is her readable contribution to my Upside Down section… You can find out much more on Upside Down Zine.

I have so many things to say about my tattoos and selecting only some of them will be really hard.
Well, I will think of my body as a book that tells a story and I will choose the relevant chapters where there is no real character or meaning, but just the moment, the atmosphere and the tattoo artist who made that genuine difference on my body!

Italian tattoo artist Cloditta and her tattooed skin

The flowers on my shoulders
These two flowers have been on me for four years now. They were made by Gabriele Vagnoni, dear colleague and friend with whom I still work today at Swan Song Tattoo Shop in Rome!
I got them in honor of my parents, who have never loved tattoos and hated the idea I could get tattooed in such a visible place (even though, to me, shoulders are very easy to hide).
You know, I thought that I would have made them smile adding the words “mom” and “dad”, but the result was that they have not spoken to me for a week (not too bad I would say, haha).
At a distance of 4 years, the more I look at them, the more I like them, they could not be more beautiful and brilliant and I thank my friend Gab, which tattooed me many other times and that I would always choose again and again!

Tattoos dedicated to Cloditta's parents

The Cobra Woman
Around February 2015, I found myself without a fixed place where to work, I was living in Barcelona and I could have taken all the time I wanted to choose what would have been the next stop, where I would have moved to live and put on a good basis for life! But I was not yet ready to choose, I’d rather really want to travel and learn my job, so I contacted some studios in Europe that interested me, I presented my works by email and I asked for some guest spots!
I started, without realizing, a year of wandering that brought me to travel and visit almost the entire Europe and also a small part of America. A year that changed my personal and professional life, where I met and got to know so many nice people and great tattoo artists who revolutionized my way to work and live!
The first stage of this impromptu tour was at True Love in Madrid, for me then and now one of the best studios in Europe! I was frantic at the idea of being in front of their window shop, setting up my little banquet inside the shop and stuff. And instead, a week later, it all went great, all the kids from first to last were able to put me at my ease, I worked so hard and we had a thousand laughs (thanks guys)!
How could I have walked out of this fantastic shop without even a new tattoo? The cobra has always given me a sense of firmness and power, so a cobra woman with a rose seemed the right thing to wear on my leg. I often look at it and I think of a mantra that says “you can do it, you can do it, you can do it”. It’s definitely a tattoo that gives me strength, thank you Bara for this gift!

Want to know more about her tattoo choices?
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These beautiful pics were taken by Claudia Ottaviani’s lovely mum, exclusively for I am Not a Tattoo Blog.

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25 agosto 2016

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