I stumbled upon Nellie’s tattoo collection on Instagram (as usual, the best resource if you are looking for tattoo inspiration).
I love Martina Ekeberg tattoos and Nellie Mikander is definitely adorned of her art.
I was curious to know more about her tattoo choices and the relation with the trusted and talented tattoo artist. Here is what she came up with…

My name is Nellie, 23 y/o from Gävle, Sweden.
Just a regular girl doing my thing!
I work as a bartender with a couple of years of experience. But I also work in a school kitchen with the glamorous role as a lunch lady, which I LOVE.
Not doing anything cool in my spare time. Hanging out with my family, best friends and dogs, going to concerts and eating wonderful vegan food.
I got my first tattoo when I was 18, a lot of my friends were already heavily tattoed, so I thought it would be perfect for my personality and the punk rock look I had back then.
It all started with a small Ozzy Osbourne quote on the lower part of my arm. Yes, you heard me. But it took me a few years before I fell in love with the whole tattoo world.
I got a few other tattoos from different artists, and also by people with machines at home. I know it was not the best choice, but I love them and won’t cover them up as long they don’t get in the way, or won’t fit in.

Tattoo collection by Electric Martina - Pretty Electric Tattoo

Martina (of course) and Fruduva are definitely my favs. GIRLPOWER.
Rich Hadley does some sick stuff. And of course the rest of Pretty Electric Tattoo Studio crew: Zilly and Jhonny Nokela.
When I found out that Martina Ekeberg had opened a shop in MY town, I was sooo thrilled!
I already had quite a lot of tattoos by then but nothing by far as good as hers. We have a lot of good tattooers in Gävle, but she was definitely something else. She and Zilly did a interview in the local newspaper and then I found out her Instagram and got totally caught. So I booked my first appointment, it was in 2014.
The first tattoo I got from her was the start of something new. A beautiful mandala.
When I booked the appointment with her I was convinced that I only wanted pieces in black and grey. Didn’t think color would fit me. But how wrong was I?
She got me to do it in color, I trusted her.
Since that day I trust her in every new idea she has. We started with a few pieces by my choice but after a while I didn’t really care, as long as it is art coming from her.

Tattoo interview: find the right tattoo artist in Sweden

We started with a couple of tattoos on my right arm and hand, then a few on my left arm. Then she came up with the idea of a total front piece, belly first. I was psyched and excited, I did not know what I was going to get but I knew for sure that she would come up with something special, made only for me. It’s a spectacular project.
At first I thought everything I got ‘had to’ have some kind of meaning, but then I thought, why all the trouble?

Why not just getting a tattoo because you think it looks fucking good? So that’s what I did and will do with the rest of them. I just love the art that resides in them.

Traditional tattoos by Martina Ekeberg

The best part of it all is that I never know what we will do next. Martina knows me well by now and she got it right every damn time! She is a marvellous artist that not only makes beautiful pieces but also takes the time to think about everything, placement, details and so on.
My tattoos really reflect my personality even though I don’t often choose the designs myself.
I love animals, there’s never too much animal pieces. So I guess the idea of cute and sweet fits me perfect. Even if many would be surprised by that!
When I got my hand tattooed I had already gone through the idea in my head for a long time. I knew I wanted to do it, so what people thought of it, didn’t matter at all.

About getting your hand tatto on I am Not a Tattoo Blog

My family did not like the idea, but they all knew that if I had made up my mind about it, it was going to happen.
All they could say was ‘Think of when you get older, how is it going to look then?’ Like we haven’t heard that one before.
Nowadays almost everyone is getting tattooed, and I think it’s awesome.
Collecting tattoos is a passion, more than an obsession. Even though it hurts like hell sometimes, it’s always worth going out of the studio with a new tattoo by an amazing artist. And you always want more!
It’s so much easier to find an artist that fits just right for YOU nowadays. I think it’s important that my pieces reflect who I am and my personality.
Which they all do, thanks to my amazing artist. Can’t wait for my next appointment.

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27 ottobre 2016

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