One of the intents of this blog is to show what drives and motivates people to get a tattoo. Each of us faces this art in its own way and I am happy to listen to the views of each of you.
Here Marcus Lundqvist, between a tattoo appointment in America and a European tour with his band Grieved, managed to express a part of his experience.
I admire people who are committed to art and get tattooed by some of my favourite artists. I follow the journey of many people and Marcus Lundqvist collection is certainly a good one. I also find that the photos taken by Simon Rah and Alex Stone speak for themselves.

Hey everyone. My name is Marcus Lundqvist, I’m 25 years old and live in Stockholm, Sweden. I’m not a tattoo artist.

What drew your attention in tattoo art?
It started as early as in first grade when I found punk and rock music. I noticed that many of the band members were tattooed. I used to draw a lot back then and remember being completely fascinated that you could wear art on your own skin and thought tattoos looked rebellious and tough.

Tell me about your first and your latest tattoo experience.
The first one was a straight edge tattoo that I got the day after I turned 18. It was at a local shop and I sadly don’t remember the artist’s name. The latest session took place in LA when I was there on vacation last week. I got 3 new tattoos by one of my absolute favorite artists called Sean from Texas.

Marcus Lundqvist from Grieved band talks about tattoos

Which artists did you get tattooed by?
Joel Soos, Pedro Soos, Jonas Nyberg, HB Nielsen, Tony Nilsson, Louis Loveless, Johnny Gloom, Sean from Texas, Florian Santus, Ignacio, Koji Ichimaru, Wan, Duncan X, Matty D’Arienzo, Sway, Jemma Jones, Joe Ellis, Simon Erl, Philip Yarnell, Guy Le Tatooer, Eterno, Austin Maples, Steve Byrne, Ryan Schaffer, Chad Koeplinger, Kane Trubenbacher, Katya Krasnova, Hillary Fisher White, James McKenna, Jack Ankersen, William Roos. Might have forgotten someone, sorry for that.

What’s it like to be a young tattooed guy?
It depends on where in the world you are. Obviously, I’m used to people staring. Here in Stockholm, which I’ve heard it is supposed to be the most tattooed country per capita, I don’t get that many comments but when I do it’s mostly compliments. As soon as I travel people tend to stare a lot more.

Marcus Lundqvist tattoos by Tony Nilsson and more

Do your parents and family appreciate your tattoos?
They were strictly against getting tattooed before I was 18, something I’m really thankful for today. When I got my most visible pieces done like hands and neck, they were not so happy. Apart from that they really like the artwork itself and that I choose my artists wisely.

My grandma gets teary-eyed sometimes but I hope it’s because she thinks I’m beautiful.

What do you think about nowadays tattoo society?
I guess it’s nice that it’s more socially acceptable, but on the other hand not many things get better when it gets trendy and mainstream. It’s a bit sad that tattoos are losing their punkrock appeal.

Tattoo collector from Sweden talks about his tattoos

Would you define yourself a tattoo collector?
The word collector sounds pretty pretentious and it was never my intention to be one, but I guess you could call me that. I mean, I do have a sick collection, haha!

Tell me more about your tattoo choices.
My choices are more about aesthetic taste than having a tattoo with deeper meaning. I basically try to find tattoo artists with a style I find appealing, and then think of ideas that would fit it. Sometimes I just pick something from their flash, and nowadays when I’m pretty much covered, it’s more about filling the gaps.

Music and tattoos: a deeper connection

Is there a special and meaningful tattoo you would like to talk about?
I like the snowflake in my palm by Chad Koeplinger. It’s special because this one hurt the most.

I actually find every tattoo meaningful, they all represent different memories that remind me of where I was and how I felt at a specific time in my life.

Which are your favourite artists?
There are too many great tattooers out there to pick from, so I’m gonna say…the hockey player Peter Forsberg! He was a true artist on the ice.


Photo Credits:  all taken by Simon Rah except the B/W portait of Marcus Lundqvist, by Alex Stone.

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8 dicembre 2016

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