Claudia Cosentino, Ilaria Pozzi and I wanted to create something different together, and I am so glad I had this original opportunity. I have always loved Claudia’s photoshoots and I already knew Ilaria from a previous interview we did.
The idea behind this article was to go deeper than usual and show a new perspective of what seems ‘unilateral’ to the most of us.

Then I also asked Claudia Cosentino and Ilaria Pozzi to associate a quote or a part of a song to every picture, to make you feel the atmosphere they wanted to create through photography itself.

I hope you will enjoy reading Claudia and Ilaria views and feels about the art of photography.



I am never prepared when it’s about taking photos. I can spend hours looking at fashion photography online an I often think “oh wow I should try something like this!” but when it comes the moment I often forget what I wanted to do. So in the end I always go randomly and see what happens. I wish I was one of this people with lots of projects in their head but I am not, I have no sense of organisation and this comes out even in my photos: they are almost never following a common path, they are the product of what goes on in my head in the moment I shoot or, even more often, in the moment I post produce.

When I took photos of Ilaria I had a completely different idea but due to weather conditions we had to change location and this obviously twisted the final result completely.

I suppose that the post-production is what I like the most, I find it challenging.

It’s when the image turns into something more special and it’s the real creative process for what concerns me. It can sound silly but when I work on the photo I start to think and make associations between the photo and the music I listen to, the books I am reading or the stuff I watch.


Everytime I’m in front of the camera is a different experience, on every work I try to be in the right mood and to instill what I feel in that moment, with every photographer there’s a different way to create something together, we have to understand eachother to turn out.

With Claudia it has been very easy, her idea about photography is very close to mine, we share many things and we have a good harmony during the shooting.
I’m always open to many kinds of project, for me tattoos are a feature and not a stereotype, sensuality and beauty do not follow specific rules, I don’t like to label and of course don’t like to be labeled.

When I communicate to the camera it’s like a mirror without reflection, sometimes I can feel alone also if behind me there’s someone.

When I see pictures I become a part of the public, I have to separate myself to be as neutral as I can to judge the result and learn from every mistake to do better.
I’m trying to express what I think and what I like by the choices I make in this job and I suppose is one of the reasons why I like it.


Feels and views


Claudia Cosentino and Ilaria Pozzi on I am Not a Tattoo Blog

Something scared you and when you moved
Your stitches pulled not yet removed
We formed this link a thousand years before
Then you turn and say
If you leave how can you leave on this hook
Cause we’ll grow old here, you can never leave
(When we reach the hill – Black Heart Procession)


In sweetness comes suffering
I won’t rest till I can’t breath
I can’t breathe with you looking at me.
(Deerhunter – He would have laughed)

Claudia Cosentino and Ilaria Pozzi on I am Not a Tattoo Blog

Take a good look around you
Take a good look you’re bound to see
That you and me were meant to be
With each other
Silly girl

(Martha my dear – The Beatles)


There is peaceful, there is wild, I am both at the same time.

Claudia Cosentino and Ilaria Pozzi on I am Not a Tattoo Blog

The empty bodies stand at rest
Casualties of their own flesh
Afflicted by their dispossession
But no bodies ever knew
No bodies felt like you
Love is suicide
(Bodies – Smashing Pumpkins)


Got a piece of my mind to tell you who’s mine,
nobody hurts like me for you,
soft slacks at night
I’m wearing them tight,
nobody hurts like I do.
(St. South – Slacks)

Ilaria Pozzi and Claudia Cosentino on I am Not a Tattoo Blog

Oh, it’s a fragile thing
This life we lead
If I think too much I can get overwhelmed by the grace
By which we live our lives with death over our shoulders
(Sirens – Pearl Jam)


You cannot sedate all the things you hate.
(Marylin Manson)

Ilaria Pozzi and Claudia Cosentino views and feels on I am Not a Tattoo Blog by Ilaria Pauletti

What a nice day for a murder
Yourself a killer but the only thing you’re killing is your time
There’s nothing absurder than a burd’
It’s a burden to your heart, soul, body, spirit and mind
Don’t look back at me like that, she won’t take you back
I said too much, been too unkind
Get off your back, stop smoking that
Change your life, just might change her mind, her mind
(Lost art of murder – Babyshambles)


That was then this is now.

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26 giugno 2017


Buongiorno, sono rimasto colpito da queste foto, specie quella che si vede la modella ” in trasparenza”,, Complimenti Sinceri anche per il Fascino della Modella. SINCERI AUGURI per Tutto

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