The eleventh edition of the Florence Tattoo Convention returned to Fortezza da Basso in October 2018. The convention aims to promote the artistic and historical culture of the tattoo, enhancing the work of traditional tattoo masters, coming from the most varied parts of the world, who are committed to hand down those that are the roots of this ancient art.

The program can be summarized in:

Lyle Tuttle at his booth_Florence Tattoo Convention 2018

The Staff of the convention hosted me as a freelance blogger, and I’m really happy independent blogs can be recognized and seen as important as the ‘official’ ones.

More and more people can confirm it, as luckily the community is full of passionate people.

I will not be writing about the winner of the contests, or of who got the best tattoos at the convention and things like that.

But I will write about the highlight of my Saturday at the Florence Tattoo Convention: meeting Lyle Tuttle and seeing him at work!

Lyle Tuttle

Lyle Tuttle’s professional career spans seven decades and begins in San Francisco in 1948. His 7th’St. shop, which existed from 1960 to 1989, was a hotspot for the generation of Summer of Love where he tattooed many stars including The Allman Brothers, Joan Baez and Janis Joplin.
His cover in the Rolling Stone magazine of October 1970 brought him to international fame and the tattoo he gave Janis is widely seen as a pop culture event that has led women to have a social acceptance and a solid place in the movement of female liberation. The Columbus Ave store has been a monument to the history of tattooing since 1977 and last year Lyle celebrated its 70th anniversary.

Lyle is an authority in the history of tattooing and is revered by the community of fans (like myself) around the world. His creative talents include tattoo design, machine building and jewelry design, on which he has conducted numerous conferences.

The Tattoo Art Collection by Lyle Tuttle includes the best and most beautiful examples of America “flash” tattoos, ancient photographs of tattooed people and business cards of former studies as well as prints and artifacts dating back to 400 AD.

Lyle continues to travel regularly around the world, bringing his experience to the various conventions in which he participates, he has tattooed and has been tattooed in turn on every continent, and boasts of continuing to expand his eclectic circle of friends.

Lyle Tattoo
My friend Pesce was able to get tattooed by Lyle! Here you can see his signature.

I think that shaking hands with Lyle was definitely a moment I will never forget.

He was very friendly and nice, not at all grumpy 🙂

He was there at his booth to tattoo his own signature to the many guys attending the queue, and I was able to buy a little print and get his signature on it. Fangirling time for sure!

Lyle Tuttle signed poster

I will proudly hang it on my wall at home, and I keep smiling looking back at this great memory! Thank you Lyle, and thanks to everyone involved at the Florence Tattoo Convention, who made this dream come true.


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28 ottobre 2018

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