Ilaria Pauletti on I am Not a Tattoo BlogI have always been in love with tattoo art.

This project is called ‘I am Not a Tattoo Blog’ and is my personal way to express gratitude to many people… From the first tattoo artists I met to those who always told me to be myself and believe in how being tattooed made me feel, and then also to all of you reading this blog!

I feel like I am living in the wrong historical period, as I see tattoos are always more mainstream and I still don’t know if this is a positive aspect. I see that the inner poetry of tattoo art is getting lost. So this is another reason why I wanted to create this blog: to remember and fix beautiful memories and values.

I am not very good in introductions, so I think this pretty sums up what most reflects my thoughts about tattoo art:

“Those who are stranger to the tattoo often see tattooed people like disfigured bodies adorned with indelible marks that evoke physical pain and risk of infection… but it’s not the same for those who get tattooed. No one gets a tattoo to become bad, nor for masochism!

Anyone who gets a tattoo, it does to give himself something more: to be more beautiful, to feel and look stronger, sexier, to give vent to grief, bereavement, a joy, a love, to avert a fear , or a danger to the game…

We have tattoos to express feelings, from the most serious and profound to the most superficial and frivolous…

And why not? To claim your right to play. I have never met someone who got tattooed only to get hurt!

Often the tattoos we see on the street are not exactly beautiful, but this depends on the rampant misinformation in bad taste, not by a self-destructive intent. Today there are ugly clothes, fashion, cars, houses, paintings… and there are many bad tattoos, too. Only a correct and free from prejudices and stereotypes information can teach you to distinguish the good ones from the bad ones and help you understand that a good tattoo is a tattoo that makes you more beautiful… ”


Herbert Hoffmann, 1919-2010

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