Tattoo collector from Norway

Tattoos from Norway

Thomas: tradition on the skin

Ilaria Pozzi and Claudia Cosentino on I am Not a Tattoo Blog

Claudia Cosentino and Ilaria Pozzi: feels and views

Freddy Corbin interview by Ilaria Pauletti and Justin

An interview with Freddy Corbin

Marjorie Tahbone Interview on I am Not a Tattoo Blog

Marjorie Tahbone: traditional Inuit tattoos

Josh of Spruce Goose Supply - interview about tattoo inspired creations

Josh and his Spruce Goose Supply

Paul Colli interview on I am Not a Tattoo Blog

An interview with Paul Colli

Tattooed model Caitin Stickels on I am Not a Tattoo Blog

Caitin Stickels: feel with your eyes

Kalinga tattoo art by Whang Od

Whang Od experience: the Kalinga tattoo maker

Interview with tattoo collector from France

Graziella: the flow of art

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