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Yep, that’s what I said: get inspired…

Inspiration is essential for a good tattoo, and also for a good tattoo artist.
Here you will find special humans: they inspired me A LOT and I hope they will inspire you!

Tattoo collector from Norway

Tattoos from Norway

Get Inspired 23 agosto 2017

In tattooing my biggest inspirations are Marius Meyer from Norway, Tim Lehi and Timothy Hoyer from America. They are all tattooing in a loose style, that is going straight to my heart. They can also paint and draw in multiple styles. I get the right feeling when I look at their stuff. It’s just perfect to me. I also think the loose kind of style is aging much better in the skin. It’s more dynamic and real.

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Ilaria Pozzi and Claudia Cosentino on I am Not a Tattoo Blog

Claudia Cosentino and Ilaria Pozzi: feels and views

Get Inspired 26 giugno 2017

Claudia Cosentino, Ilaria Pozzi and I wanted to create something different together, and I am so glad I had this original opportunity. I have always loved Claudia’s photoshoots and I already knew Ilaria from a previous interview we did.
The idea behind this article was to go deeper than usual and show a new perspective of what seems ‘unilateral’ to the most of us.

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Tattooed model Caitin Stickels on I am Not a Tattoo Blog

Caitin Stickels: feel with your eyes

Get Inspired 13 febbraio 2017

I have always felt very attracted by unconventional beauty, but at the same time I’ve never liked the word ‘unconventional’. We are all unconventional in our own way, we are human and we have the power to express beauty in various ways.
But the perception of beauty is often used and abused by the society we live in…
I am very pleased to present you Caitin Stickels, model, singer, and delicate soul. I invite you to read this interview and try to feel her with your eyes, as she wisely suggests.

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