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My love for tattoos is extended on more levels, and this section is about my contributions for Things&Ink Blog, one of the most beautiful community for tattoo lovers.

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Paul Colli interview on I am Not a Tattoo Blog

An interview with Paul Colli

Things and Ink 9 marzo 2017

Clean lines, not too many details. Paul Colli, resident at Satatttvision in Milan, likes to call his tattoos “ugly and ignorant”. In this interview for Things&Ink blog, Paul Colli explains why and discusses his humble view on current tattoo society, more about Horitomo references and his Monmon cats…

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Interview with photographer Anna Volpi by Ilaria Pauletti

Anna Volpi: skin portraits

Things and Ink 28 settembre 2016

Anna Volpi is an Italian-American artist who began attending photography classes right after university. She prefers surreal and conceptual projects involving human beings, as the aesthetics remains an important attribute in her work, as you will see with her Skin series. She is constantly looking for photos that live in people rather than putting them posing.

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Exit Voto: exhibition by Rossana Calbi

Things and Ink 27 luglio 2016

More than 100 artists were involved in Rossana’s Exit Voto, and among them are some talented Italian tattooists including Miss Juliet, Diletta Lembo and Morg Armeni.

Everyone of the chosen artists had the task of recreating a holy picture on paper. They were all completely free from any obligation or limitations, Rossana Calbi simply chose the theme and the medium.

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Interview with Lucrezia Urtis by Ilaria Pauletti

An interview with Lucrezia Urtis

Things and Ink 25 giugno 2016

Lucrezia is a Sardinian girl with a colourful heart and sea waves in her hair. Her Sarditional style is getting more and more renowned and here she explains the perfect mix for a tattoo made with love. Among coricheddos (little heart shaped sweets), delicate feminine figures and amulets, she is bewitching the web! You can find her in Milan, at Toy Tattoo Parlour.

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