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Upside Down Zine

Here I introduce my first publication on paper: Upside Down Zine.
‘Upside Down’ is a new Zine of little stories (22 stories from 22 different tattoo artists) and thoughts behind the tattoos on artists’ skin from all over the world.
I think you can understand a lot from what a tattoo artist has collected on his skin over the years: his values, his memories, his personal taste (some times so different from what he creates) and also his attitude to life.

Italian tattoo artist Cloditta and her tattooed skin

Claudia Ottaviani: my skin, my stories

Upside Down Zine 25 agosto 2016

Last year I interviewed Claudia Ottaviani, aka Cloditta, and a couple of months ago I finally met her in person…to get tattooed by her!
Her bright eyes and her positive attitude really made me feel at ease. Her stories of travels and tattoos intrigued me and I really admire this woman for the dedition and love she has for life.
It was a lovely afternoon and I walked out of Area Industriale with a swollen ankle and a big smile on my face.

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Upside Down tattoo interviews, where tattoo artists talk about their own tattoo collection

Ylenia Manzoni: my Luigi Tenco tattoo

Upside Down Zine 29 luglio 2016

Last January, I met Ylenia Vinil Manzoni while she was guesting at Adrenalink Tattoo Shop in Marghera.
I immediately knew I had to ask her to join my Upside Down project. Well, at the time I still did not know how I would have named it, but that idea was already buzzing in my head.
She welcomed my proposal with enthusiasm, she appreciated my thoughts about tattoo art and I am glad she said yes. This is the outcome of that lovely encounter.

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