Hi there! I’m Gloria and I’m from Spain, Madrid. I’m a 35 yo proud mum of a beautiful baby girl, Noa, and Ivan’s wife. I have as well a cat, Gato, and a frenchie, Nora. I am a music teacher but I work as an administrative assistant in an English Academy. In my free time I love to be with my family and take care of my Etsy shop. Forever in love with tattoo art, horror films, grunge/metal music and traveling!

What drew your attention in tattoo art?
I just love art, especially the pop surrealism, that’s why one of my first tattoos was a tribute to a painting by Mark Ryden: ‘Blood’. Being the receptionist of a tattoo studio also helped me a lot to understand the tattoo art as well. Tattoos are for me a way to express my feelings, cure my sorrows… All my tattoos are part of my life.

Tell me about your first and your last one tattoo experience.
My first tattoo was a star on one of my hips. My idea came from the Deftones star design but I don’t know how the tattooist changed my mind..he just changed the star! I still can’t believe it! Why didn’t I ignore him!? My last one was so good! I got tattooed a doughnut with a frapuccino. I just love Starbucks so…that tattoo was essential for me and was done by Meri, a beautiful person that I met a long time ago, when I used to live in Málaga. She was the previous receptionist of the tattoo studio were I used to work, nearly 12 years ago.

Tattoo collector - Trece Tattoo - Spain
Gloria’s latest tattoo! Who doesn’t love it?

Which artists did you get tattooed by?
I got tattooed by Javi Andrade, Morg Armeni, Robert Hernandez, Amanda Toy, Rudy Fritsch, Pablo Ash, Oscar ‘el Brujo’ just to name a few.

What’s it like to be a tattooed mum?
Just the same. But people sometimes are a bit rude when I’m with my daughter and they see my tattoos.

Do your parents and family appreciate your tattoos?
Definitely, not. They don’t like them since I get tattooed 15 years ago. I still can’t understand it.

What do you think about nowadays tattoo society?
It is a bit crazy that some of the teenagers nowadays get their necks/hands tattooed just to be ‘cool’. Tattoos are much more than that. Tattoos are with us forever, that’s why I think that each tattoo needs to be special for each of us. It’s a bit sad that because of Internet and Social Media there are a lot of tattoo copies… There is no respect! I also think that it’s ridiculous that, while at work, some of us need to cover their tattoos. I’m in that situation and I must admit summer it is really terrible!

Tattoo collection - Gloria del Valle
Beautiful tattooed arms. Can you find the ones she got by Amanda Toy?

Would you define yourself a tattoo collector?
Maybe! For sure I’m a print collector 🙂

Tell me more about your tattoo choices.
Let me think..one of the reasons that pushed me to get tattooed was.. Well, you know, getting a tattoo has always been my personal way  to “heal” my sorrows, to heal my past (one of my fav tattoos is my dagger with the words “Kill the Sorrow”). I didn’t have that kind of “happy and beautiful” childhood. For me tattoos are somekind of a medicine 🙂 When it comes to choose an artist, I definitely go for it because I like their style or/and because they are very kind people. That’s really important.

Backpiece Tattoo - Tattoo collector Interview
Gloria’s beautiful backpiece.. Still in progress as it is very painful!

Is there a special and meaningful tattoo you would like to talk about?
The most special ones are my pony from the album ‘White Pony’ – Deftones with the words ‘Te quiero brother’  and the girl with my brother’s cat playing a drum, on my thigh (it was done by Morg and it was so special for me to get tattooed in her old studio in Genova. It was magical). Both tattoos were in my brother’s honour. I miss him everyday.

Which are your favourite artists?
There’s quite a lot but I would say that my favourite ones are Morg Armeni and Amanda Toy. They are beautiful women (outside and inside). I just love their art, the way they make their tattoos. I would also love to get tattooed by Danielle Rose, I love her beautiful lady faces!

Gloria del Valle talks about being a tattooed mum
Gloria and her sweet frenchie, Nora 🙂

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2 febbraio 2016

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