I wanted to interview Céline because of her unique approach with tattoo art. I personally think she has a deeper knowledge of the power of getting tattooed, so I tried to reveal a little part of her beautiful experience, her life, her kind soul.

How would you define yourself as a person? And as a tattoo lover?
I guess I’m radical at everything I do. I’m highly sensitive but equally as strong. Passionate but probably about a thousand things that move me. You can feel all these aspects in my love for tattoos.

What does the word ‘commitment’ mean to you?
Commitment is a form of loyalty. When I decide to commit to something or someone it is truly valuable.

How do you feel before and after a tattoo session? And while you get tattooed?
I really see tattoo sessions as rituals which means mental and physical preparation are always part of the process. I usually get really excited about it a couple of weeks before but as the session gets closer I start getting really nervous. On the d-day I’m very quiet and focused and when the session starts, time just stops. The moment that follows is intense. I feel empowered. I’m mentally and physically transformed forever. It’s like starting a new cycle.

Céline talks about her commitment with tattoo art

Have you ever encountered obstacles along your tattoo journey?
Getting tattooed as much as I do is a real test of not only physical but mental endurance. It’s a challenge to keep going or simply being patient especially when I see myself stuck with in progress work. Dedication means a lot of sacrifices. And the obvious suffering… I have endured intense pain either during sessions or healing process. I can easily say that I have pushed my body really far…

What did you feel about tattoos when you weren’t tattooed yet?
Fascination. Marking the body is a powerful primitive act.

Did tattoos enhance the love for your body?
No, I never needed tattoos to like my body. I think my tattoos are more a reflect of what’s inside me…

What is your own concept of beauty?
I think beauty is really about confidence, spirit and positive energy.

An Interview with Céline by Ilaria Pauletti

How does it feel to be ‘covered’ in tattoos? Is it all about being complete?
It’s like a second skin. Honestly it’s difficult to explain how it feels or why I do it because it’s so instinctive. I like the primitive aspect, the mystical dimension and the beauty of it. Having that much coverage is visually powerful. Also it’s something I keep really private. Except my sleeves you can’t really see any of my tattoos in daily life. My instagram pictures are really a window on my intimacy.

How long does it take to assimilate a new change to your body?
It’s pretty long! It’s such a drastic change each time I get tattooed. But honestly since I get new work so often I don’t have time to get used to the change. My body is in constant evolution so there is always something new to look at. I love the way my body suit is shaping up though.

I know you are a great lover of tattoo history and photography, and they are also connected to each other. Who is your favourite historical figure?
I love the old shots of Amund Dietzel. His body suit is fantastic. And his art so modern and eternal at the same time.

Céline talks about her respect for tattoo history
Céline is reading ‘Tattoo Portraits’, a book by Pepe aka Alessandro Negrini

Which are the life values you could never give up to? And what about your life philosophy?
I always strive to be a better human being and spread love around me. I think my life philosophy is guided by the impermanence of life. I want to learn, love, grow spiritually and discover the world as much as I can possibly do until it’s my turn to go…

What superhero power would you like to have and why?
Teletransportation to be with the people I miss.

What do you think about nowadays tattoo society?
Well, I can’t pretend being able to judge it or even compare it to what it was back in the days. But what I personally really enjoy is being part of a community. I think it’s great to be able to connect with people around the world thanks to tattoos.  It also allowed me to meet inspiring people and become friend with a few people with whom I share a lot more than a passion for tattoos.

B/W Photo Credits: Sébastien Bessac

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