As Patrick says on, he has had the privilege of touring with many bands across the world and always thought about how great it would be to have a group of incredible tattoo artists do the same. Get on a bus and hit the road, a new city in a different country every day. Visiting and tattooing at world famous European tattoo shops.

This will be the first Tattoo Tour of this kind ever. The goal is to have different artists from different walks of life bring their unique style to the European Tattoo scene.

I admire people like Patrick, who always come up with passionate projects and refreshing ideas. Thank you again for this interview!

Hanky Pankys Amsterdam for Tribal Tattoo Tour

How did you get into tattoos? Can you remember when you first fell in love with them?
Definitely Punk and Hardcore music. Seeing tattoos on band members was a huge inspiration to get tattoos. I guess you always try and imitate your heroes in one way or another. Powerful images. Bold on someone’s arms visually in your face. Showing the middle finger to society. Being a rebel. No matter how silly the rebellion may be. I think getting tattooed helped me figure out that you gotta stand your ground in life and face whatever life throws in your way. Having tattoos, especially in a time when it was still more of a taboo, preps you for the real world quite a bit. You gotta stand behind your actions and you gotta stand behind your tattoo choices.

How did you make your decision to get your first tattoo? What was it and when did you get it? And your latest one?
When I was 17 I decided to get a little straight edge logo on my leg. Seems like a lifetime ago now. That was in 1994. Still holds true though. My last tattoo was a few weeks ago by Timothy Hoyer. Dragon head in a weird spot I had left on the back of my upper thigh.

What do you love the most about tattoo history?
Tattooing has a very rich history. Many different facets and so many great characters. Just recently a book came out about Roy Boy. Like him or not he has an insane story and he embodies tattooing to me. Anyways, I think if you care about something you naturally also show interest in what came before you. Scott Sterling is a prime person to always have a good chat with about history. Or recently spending some time with George “Lumpy” Larson who has been tattooing for 50 years on the east coast. These guys carry on stories from the guys that came before them and so on.

Tribal Tattoo Tour featuring great tattooers

And about the underground culture?
When I was about 10 years old I started skateboarding. I was never very good at it but that’s a different story. Skating just like tattooing has a culture that binds the art with people and how they express themselves. Clothing for example or slang. It all plays into the fabric that we are made out of. Many tattooers come from a skateboard background or punk and hardcore music. All of these are very visually driven with cool logos or big drawings of bad ass things. Skulls, Dragons etc. When you are a young kid you see those powerful images on a record cover and it’s a wrap. Next thing you see someone who has a skull tattooed and so on.

What did influence you the most along the path?
Pretty much all things I mentioned above ya know. I’d like to think I am also a very spiritual person which definitely plays into my path. Recently this guy Jordan B Peterson is a huge influence. Check out his podcast. It’s amazing.

Who did you get tattooed by, so far?
Oh man, tons of people over the years. Brian Bruno, Dj Rose, Keet, Dan Higgs, Grez, idk… Jeff Zuck, Richard Stell, Tomas Garcia, a lot of people back in the 90s in Germany like Peter Karlsruhen and Kai from Kailitos Way. Gordon Claus and Dieter Zalisz, Andre Hoppe. Bradley Tompkins, Lal Hardy in London. Chris Dettmer also in Germany.

How did you come up with the idea of putting up Tribal Tattoo Fanzine? It’s not the only project on paper you realised right?
I used to put out music fanzines. Hardcore music related mostly. That was back in the early to mid 90s. A few years ago I thought of doing something like that but focused on tattooing. Like so often I get an idea and need to start working it out to see if it’s something. People liked it and that was basically it.

Any personal tips for a good quality fanzine?
Not really. What works for me doesn’t mean it works for the next person ya know? Just put your heart in it and try and make it look good. Keep it interesting content wise.

And in a few months you are gonna be touring around Europe! I already love it! Can you tell me more about the concept behind the tour?
Yes. I feel a little silly to keep returning to the hardcore music thing but that’s also where the Tribal Tattoo Tour concept came from. I used to be in bands and when I wasn’t playing shows with my own bands I booked shows and also Tour managed bands. So, why not do a tour with tattooers instead of musicians. It took a couple years of getting it going but this year it’s finally happening.

What are your expectations about the tour? Who is gonna be involved?
I just want to be able to promote tattooers that I think represent tattooing in a proper way and do great work.
Many different styles that are being offered by tons of great tattooers. Some of them have never been to Europe.
If we can get people tattoos by tattooers that they wouldn’t typically have a chance getting tattooed by then that’s a great accomplishment in itself. Other than that I am expecting to have a great time with everyone traveling across Europe on a bus. The shops I picked are all top notch Tattoo shops and visiting and working out of them will be awesome too!

Here is a list with the tattooers involved in Tribal Tattoo Tour 2018:

Larry Davis | Tree City Tattoo
Scott Sterling | Ancient Art
Brad Fink | Daredevil Tattoo
Chris Howell | Smith Street Tattoo
Steve Byrne | Rock Of Ages Tattoo
Tim Forbus | Acme Tattoo
Derrick Snodgrass | Darkhorse Tattoo
Nick Caruso Bound | For Glory Tattoo
Mike Maney | Gold Tiger Tattoo
Tomas Garcia | Old Soul Tattoo
John Henry | Spiderweb Tattoo
Nate Harmon | 111 Arts Tattoo
Shane Enholm | Santa Clarita Tattoo
Freddy Corbin | Temple Tattoo
Eric Perfect | Kadilac Tattoo
Matt Vancura | Elm Street Tattoo

And here are the studios featured, with the Tribal Tattoo Tour Route!

10. September Berlin, Germany – Erntezeit Tattoo
11. September Helsingor, Denmark – Royal Tattoo
12. September Hamburg, Germany – The Black Hole Tattoo
13. September Amsterdam – Schiffmacher & Veldhoen Tattoo
14.,15.,16. September Aachen, Germany – Kaiserstadt Tattoo Expo
17. September. Paris, France – Tin Tin Tatouage
18. September. Luxembourg, Luxembourg – Electric Avenue Tattoo

Tribal Tattoo Tour Route

What does ‘supporting the tattoo community’ mean to you?
It’s my home ya know? I have been working in a tattoo shop for 16 years this year and have been collecting tattoos for over 24 years. To me it is natural to support everything that’s part of the tattoo community. Even if it’s just taking a minute to check out someone’s work. Buying Books, going to conventions and of course collecting tattoos. Personally how good a tattooer is comes second to me. If I have a connection with someone that means a lot and I wanna support that mutual experience.

What do you love the most about nowadays tattoo society?
There is so many good tattooers out there and always new ones coming up. We all complain at times how it used to be better in days gone by but there is never a better time than the here and now. I love visiting a city I have never been to and checking out a tattoo shop that someone I met at a convention maybe works at or whatever.
I love books and there is always a new book thats related to tattooing coming out which I love.

You can download here the official Tribal Tattoo Tour poster and share it to support this awesome project! Don’t forget to give a follow to Tribal Tattoo Tour and get ready for some good tattoos!

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