What are your first memories related to tattoos?
My first tattoo related memory is when my dad got his tribal barbed wire armband, I don’t remember how old I was, maybe 10.. hah! A bit later when I was a teenager I used to go to a lot of punk shows and there everybody had tattoos.

Tattoos by Lou Dc
What made you want to get tattooed?
I got my first tattoo at age 16, because I wanted to fit in that punk scene, but when my relationship with tattooing really started is when I was 18 and traveling trough canada with my big brother. We went to a store and there was a book about tattooing I went through it real quick and it featured the work of tattooist Amanda Toy in Milano. I just completely fell in love with her style and decided I had to get a tattoo from her. I went as soon as I got back home and that was the begging of my tattoo journey. And that love for tattoos came from a different place than the need to belong to a certain scene, I had discovered my passion.
Tattoos by Lou Dc
Can you tell me a bit about your journey in becoming a tattoo artist? At what point did you feel confident in yourself as a tattoo artist?
As I said, getting tattooed by Amanda was a pivot point on my tattoo journey, but at that time, I put tattooing on a pedestal. I wouldn’t allow myself to even dream about becoming a tattooer. It took me a few years of travelling to my favorite artists and getting tattooed a lot to finally accept that yes it was my passion and it was acceptable for me to want to make a life out of it. I started drawing long hours everyday because I wanted to have the best portfolio I could produce, to get that precious apprenticeship (which I eventually got). haha!
I actually still struggle with being confident as a tattoo artist. I’m never satisfied with my work and i’m never really quite sure I’m doing it right. Sometimes I think it’s a good thing and some others I think it’s fucking tiring..
Heart tattoo by Lou Dc
Can you tell me about the studio you work at and its atmosphere?
I am extremely lucky to now work at Vince Pages studio called Nuit Noire Tattoo, in Geneva. It’s the best studio I could have dreamed of and I have such amazing coworkers. We specialize in traditional american tattooing, so the studio is in that vibe. It’s also very cosy and friendly, it’s my second home to be honest. haha!
Tattoo by Lou Dc
What is your favourite thing about being a tattoo artist?
Being able to evolve and grow everyday with my craft. Being my own boss is priceless, because I can decide what direction I want my work to go and I can live my passion freely in that sense.
Interview with tattoo artist Lou Dc
How important is the relationship between you and the customer?
It’s actually the key! It can be a boost as well as a real pain. Haha! But it’s different with every person that comes through the door, so you just have to be welcoming to everybody’s energy.
Interview with tattoo artist Lou Dc
Do you have other passions / interests outside of tattooing?
I love interior design and I love baking. But these are two passions I’m still figuring out at the moment. I think they’re also things I don’t have to be very serious about and I like that. I also recently started playing golf with my boyfriend and that actually makes me very happy as odd as it may seem for a tattooer.
Interview with tattoo artist Lou Dc
What do you think is the greatest challenge in tattooing today?
Sadly managing social media. I think it has such an impact on whether an artist gets work or not.. I think as long as you know how to tattoo what’s difficult is to get a unique style, something very personal that really makes sense. But you can’t push that, it’s a process, it’s your core and you just have to let it flow. But social media is something every tattoo artist should master (which is clearly not my case) and it takes so much of your time.. I don’t know, I suck at social media..
Interview with tattoo artist Lou Dc
What do you love the most about tradition in tattooing? What does it mean to you?
I think tradition is inherent to tattooing as it is a very ancient craft. Tattooing comes from somewhere and has a very rich history so we should value and cherish that. But for me it should be a part of my creative process without being something that limits me.
Of course traditional american tattooing has been my main inspiration and direction for some time now but I’m trying to twist it in my own way.
Kewpie tattoo by Lou Dc
What is your own concept of beauty?
That there are none really. Does that make sense? Everything can be both beautiful and horrible. Depends on the angle you’re looking at things.
Manekineko tattoo by Lou Dc
Any upcoming guest spots and conventions?
No, they’re not really my thing anymore, or at the moment at least.

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7 gennaio 2019

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